Cardio Normalo PSC®

The Cardio Normalo PSC® is for Circulation and Healthy Blood Pressure.
For the nutritional support of minor hypertension and to prevent its
progression. Severe hypertension needs a custom made program since
there are many possible causes of hypertension.

Dietary components:
Bramble (young shoots), Crab Apple (buds), Hawthorn (buds),
Juniper (buds), Maidenhair Tree (buds), Maize (buds), Mistletoe (young shoots), Sweet Almond (buds).

Suggested Adult Dosage:
10-30 drops, 3 times a day, dissolved into ½ glass of high quality water preferably with a pH of 9.0. SIP it over a period of 5 minutes to ensure it is absorbed sublingually (under the tongue directly into the blood stream).