Cellulo Reducto PSC®

Cellulo Reducto PSC® is for the support of Cellulite.

For centuries, Birch sap has been used to help eliminate waste products from the body, and thus, promote healthy skin. When combined the buds of Black Currant, Ash, Sweet Chestnut and Hazel, the toxin elimination effects are enhanced. The components of this blend act in synergy providing a natural solution for weight loss, while improving associated issues such as cellulites, heaviness and swelling of the limbs.

Dietary components:
Silver Birch sap, Black Currant buds, Ash buds, Sweet Chestnut buds, and Hazel buds. All of which assist in burning fat

Note: This product must be used for six months as directed. For maximum results, this product should be used in conjunction with a well balanced diet.

Suggested Adult Dosage:
20 - 25 drops, 3 daily doses dissolved into ½ glass of high quality water preferably with a pH of 9.0. SIP it over a period of
5 minutes to ensure the dose is absorbed sublingually (under the tongue directly into the blood stream).